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Moving Komatsu Dump Trucks and Excavators

Another successful week at A&G Shipping with c.$6.1m USD worth of mining machines safely transported to site from port. The machines arrived on a Grimaldi RoRo vessel earlier in the week. The machines included mining scale Kamatsu dump trucks, bull dozers and excavators. The latter two machines and the buckets of the rock trucks were broken down and taken on heavy duty low-beds trailers. The convoys left early to avoid traffic in town and were escorted by LNP armed guards.

Freeport (Monrovia) has new hazardous cargo rules which require hazardous cargo (including batteries) to leave the port within 24 hours. This touch new enforcement meant the machines had a more complex clearing process. The size of the trucks also meant a guard hut had to be dismantled in order for the trucks to get out. Working in West Africa is not always straight forward and requires understanding of environment, quick thinking and flexibility.

The route had a full recce and report before the machines came in detailing all potential danger areas. As a result some parts of road were restored which helped all machines made it safely to site.

The West Africa dry season has just about started which makes transport and general operations in remote environments easier. A&G Shipping are all set for another good season working for our valued clients.