Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The leadership team at A&G Shipping has over 100 years combined experience working in supply chain management in West Africa. The company now has 56 employees across two offices.


Arthur Forbes

Managing Director

Arthur has been working in projects in West Africa since 2010. With a wide range of experience in shipping and logistics for projects. As well as being involved with technical operations Arthur is in charge of customer relation and account management.

george forbes profile

George Forbes

Commercial Director

George has specialised in last mile logistics and freight forwarding in West Africa since 2013. With a wealth of knowledge in the industry he leads the import and export department ensuring clients cargo is cleared efficiently and delivered safely and on time.

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Moorthi Muthusamy

Operations Director

Moorthi has over 30 years experience working in West Africa across the rubber and palm oil sector. He now heads the logistics operations for A&G Shipping which services the agriculture, mining, construction and NGO sectors.

augustine wiah oporations manager

Augustine Wiah

General Manager

Augustine has been with the A&G Shipping management since 2013. Having work across both finance and on the operational side he now heads the team. Working in a dynamic and fast moving environment, experience and good management is key to delivering high quality service for clients.

mathew zarlee

Matthew Zaarlee

Fleet Manager

Mathew is in charge of the A&G fleet of over 30 heavy and light vehicles, cranes and lifting equipment. Mathew understands the importance of well maintenance and reliable equipment as well as quick responses to minimise recovery time and keep clients happy.

john fulflay

John Fulflay

Operations Manager

John is responsible for all A&G operations including truck movements and yard management. With over 100 TEU’s being moved each month this vital role requires excellent coordination between the brokerage office and fleet department to ensure clients cargo is delivered efficiently and on-time.

adam head import export customs

Adam Deok

Import/Export Manager

Adam is highly experienced in the Import/Export processes. His local knowledge and relationships with customs and authorities helps with clearing cargo quickly and efficiently.


Harris Kandakai

Finance Clerk

Harris is in charge of daily work record and account management. A&G is innovative in developing and implementing the latest technologies to track shipments and manage accounts. We know good accounting builds trust and business relationships.


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