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Why A&G Shipping

A&G Shipping knows West Africa. Operating in an extremely dynamic and fast moving market it is essential you work with a professional logistics company.

A&G Shipping is geared towards employing and empowering a growing local work force.

We at A&G Shipping have the experience and the understanding of the market to make sure you receive the most reliable and efficient service for your cargo movement. We have a dedicated and experienced team working around the clock every day to ensure the safe and reliable movement of your cargo.


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A&G Shipping has the experience and skillset to handle shipments to and from any location in the world, whether by land, sea or air.

We have proven track records working for blue chip companies but whatever the size of your project or experience we are happy to help.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete range of services to fulfil the needs of our wide ranging customer base.

We have experience in taking cargo to and from some of the more obscure parts of the World and we have the support and expertise to handle all types of cargo.

Our customer service is second to none and whoever the client, big or small, we aim to provide each client with the same impartial, confidential and efficient experience.

Whether you are in the Construction, Agriculture, NGOs, Oil and Gas or the Mining Industry make A&G Shipping your project partner.


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